Fall Printables for Kids

Yoohoo, it’s almost September and time for fall! Hands-down my favorite season, and I adore all of the fun themes for toddler, preschool, and kindergarten printables that it offers.

What you’ll find below is a big list of all of my Fall Printables for Kids. From cutting practice to clip cards, from matching games to puzzles, from apples to pumpkins, bats, and turkeys, from math to literacy – these 85+ printables are sure to have something for everyone covering so many different skills!

Have fun and learn with these cute fall printables for kids! There are many different math and literacy themes for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners. Includes games, clip cards, fine motor activities, and more!

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If you’re looking for printables related to specific fall holidays, I have several pages that feature only Halloween and Thanksgiving printables, respectively:


And here’s the big list of all of my fall printables – including back to school, football, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and more!


Do you prefer a text list? No problem!

A is for Apple Letter Find

Addition and Subtraction within 20 Apple Board Game

Sunflower Kids Roll and Cover Game

Sunflower Skip Counting Coloring Page

Sunflower Life Cycle Mini Folding Coloring Book

Sunflower Color by Double-Digit Sum Coloring Page

Sunflower Petal Beginning Sound Matching Puzzle

Sunflower Photo Matching Game for Toddlers

Sunflower Beginning Sound Sort

Sunflower Petal Counting Puzzle

7 Days of Sunflower Printables for Kids

Quirky Turkey I Spy Game for Beginners

Turkey Facts for Kids Mini Folding Coloring Book

T is for Turkey Letter Find

T is for Turkey Dot Marker Coloring Pages

Quirky Turkey Matching Game for Toddlers

Dress a Subtraction Turkey (1-3)

Turkey Feather Counting Cards

7 Days of Turkey Printables for Kids

G is for Ghost Dot Marker Coloring Pages

Halloween Color by Number Coloring Page

Halloween Labeling Worksheets

Ghost Family Graphing Game

Acorn Number Matching Game

W is for Witch Handwriting Letter Mazes

Eyeballs in a Jar Halloween Counting Puzzles

Build an Addition Frankenstein (8-10)

7 Days of Halloween Printables for Kids

P is for Pumpkin Dot Marker Coloring Pages

P is for Pumpkin Handwriting Letter Mazes

Pumpkin Shapes Board Game

Colorful Pumpkin Patterns

Pumpkin Counting Clip Cards

Kids and Pumpkins Emergent Reader Coloring Pages

Differentiated P is for Pumpkin Letter Find

7 Days of Pumpkin Printables for Kids

Apple Patterns

Kids and Apples Emergent Reader Coloring Pages

Apple Basket Counting Puzzles

Apple Addition Board Game

Apple Dice Number Matching Game

Apple Life Cycle Read, Trace, and Connect Worksheet

A is for Apple Dot Marker Coloring Pages

7 Days of Apple Printables for Kids

Letter A Mazes

T is for Turkey Handwriting Letter Mazes

Thanksgiving Writing Prompts for Kindergarteners

Thanksgiving Matching Game for Toddlers

Veterans Day Matching Game for Toddlers

Veterans Day I Spy Game

Thanksgiving Cutting Practice Puzzles

20 Fun Halloween Party Printables

Fall Kids Writing Prompts for Kindergarteners

Rainbow Pumpkin Color Matching Game

Halloween Writing Prompts for Beginners

Halloween I Spy Game

Halloween Cutting Practice Puzzles

Halloween Baby Costumes Matching Game for Toddlers

20 Fun Pumpkin Printables for Preschoolers

Halloween Costumes Writing Prompts for Beginners

Colorful Bats Memory Game

Bat Color Matching for Toddlers

30 Fun Halloween Printables for Preschoolers

Fall Matching Game for Toddlers

Halloween Words Read, Trace, and Connect

Halloween Matching Game for Toddlers

Fall Words Read, Trace, and Connect

Fall I Spy Game

Fall Leaves Grid Game

Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

10 Thanksgiving Printables for Preschoolers

Turkey Counting Clip Cards (1-10)

Pre-Primer Sight Word Pumpkins

Thanksgiving I Spy Game

Halloween Coloring Pages

-at Family CVC Word Pumpkins

Fall Beginning Sounds Clip Cards

Letter R Mazes

Spelling Halloween Words with Beads

Halloween Counting Clip Cards (5-10)

Halloween Counting Clip Cards (10-20)

Football I Spy Game

Fall Coloring Pages

Football Printable Pack

Football Coloring Pages

Back to School Coloring Pages

Back to Preschool Printable Pack


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