Fall Words Read, Trace, and Connect

Today’s printable is a quick little handwriting and reading activity to learn and review fall words: Fall Words Read, Trace, and Connect!

Great for kindergarteners and first graders who can figure out new words, review ones they’ve seen before, write them, and connect them with the matching image. Perfect to get into the mood for fall!

Picture of two pages of fall words read, trace, and connect worksheets with a pencil on top of a white desktop. At the top is an orange banner with fall words in black on it and read, trace, and connect in fall colors underneath. At the bottom is another orange banner with PDF in white on it and a Simple Fun for Kids watermark in black above it.

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Materials for Fall Words Read, Trace, and Connect Worksheets

What’s in the Printable PDF File?

The pdf file includes two pages for reading, tracing, and connecting fall words and images. Both pages can be used together or individually.

Images used are

  • scarecrow,
  • leaf,
  • acorn,
  • pumpkin,
  • sunflower,
  • mushroom,
  • hay bale,
  • crow,
  • fall tree,
  • and squirrel.
Practice reading and writing simple fall words with your kindergartener with this printable Fall Words Read, Trace, and Connect!

Have your kids read the words, trace them, and draw lines to connect them to the matching image.

Download your Fall Words Read, Trace, and Connect!

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Like the clip art?

Fall I Spy Game and Fall Leaves Grid Game both use the same clip art set.

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