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Welcome to Simple Fun for Kids!

My name is Tina, mom of first grader E who was born late in 2010, and preschooler N, born in the hot Texas summer of 2014.

We’re from Germany but recently spent three years living the American Dream (both my husband’s and mine) in Texas.

Since day one, well, really even before E was born, I’ve spoken English with her, and nothing but English. My husband has {mostly} stuck to German. I’m not a native English speaker but speak at a near-native level. At that time, we didn’t know that we were going to be living in the US for three years, we just felt that since we had the option, we wanted to give her the invaluable gift of being bilingual. We’ve really had surprisingly few second thoughts, even though E didn’t speak much until she was 2 – but it was always clear that she completely understood both languages.

Today, a little over a year after we got back from the US (after which she spoke German with an accent – who knows where she picked that up, we don’t know anyone who speaks German with an accent), she mostly speaks perfect German and rarely bothers to switch to English. However, we all know that she can if she wants to.

Around E’s second birthday, I first googled “fun toddler activities” and was hooked. After a few months, I decided to start my own blog about our adventures and give back to the community which has so inspired me to spend as much quality time as I can with my daughter (and later my son, of course).

I hope you enjoy my posts, and they inspire you and give you new ideas for your own activities with your kids!



A bit more about me and my “previous life”:

I was born and raised in Germany and spent a year in High School in Kansas. While I can’t tell you how I could ever handle either of my children doing the same, I know for a fact that that year changed my life. I went back several times to visit but coming back to stay (at least for a while) remained a dream for over 20 years. Finally, my husband’s work gave us a chance to live this dream for a few years, and we enjoyed every minute of it. But then it was time to go back to Germany, and we’re maybe even happier here, with now two kids and building our own house that we’re planning on moving into by Christmas 2017.

I have an MBA and spent several years in an office before I had my daughter. I’m now a work-at-home mom and very grateful to be in a position where I can do this.



I’d love to connect with you! If you’d like to contact me, you can email me at tina at simplefunforkids dot com.

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