7 Days of Turkey Printables for Kids

7-day series are awesome! I already have a ton of ideas for the Christmas season, but before we start on that, I’d like to do a 7 Days of Turkey Printables for Kids series!

If you’ve followed along with any of my previous 7-day series {like the 7 Days of Apple Printables or 7 Days of Pumpkin Printables} and already know how they work, you’re welcome to scroll down to check out what I’m planning on posting during the 7 days and/or to sign up for a daily reminder for the duration of the series.

Ready for Thanksgiving? Follow along with the 7 Days of Turkey Printables for Kids series for cute, fun, educational printables every day of the week. There's something for everyone: math, literacy, games, and more for preschoolers, kindergarteners, toddlers, and elementary students.

On Monday, November 6, I’ll publish the first installment in the series. It runs until November 12 with a new turkey-themed printable for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners and/or elementary students every morning.

Simply check in every morning for the new printable or sign up right here for a daily reminder for the seven days only:

You’ll find all active links on this page as well.

If you’re a VIP or VIP Plus member, it’s all even easier: Simply go to the VIP landing page on the first day of the series and download the entire series with one click. VIP Plus members will also find the whole series in their inboxes on day 1.


Day 1: Turkey Feather Counting Cards

Day 2: Dress A Subtraction Turkey (1-3)

Day 3: Quirky Turkey Matching Game for Toddlers

Day 4: T is for Turkey Dot Marker Coloring Pages

Day 5: T is for Turkey Letter Find

Day 6: Turkey Facts for Kids Mini Folding Coloring Book

Day 7: Quirky Turkey I Spy Game for Beginners


I can’t wait for the series to start! See you there 🙂


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