7 Days of Apple Printables for Kids

We haven’t done a 7 Days of Printables series since Easter, thanks to an incredibly busy summer. But now it’s time, and while I’ll still be busy for a little while longer, I’ve been looking forward to this 7 Days of Apple Printables for Kids series and want to make it happen!

This week is full of printables for young kids that feature apples: follow my 7 Days of Apple Printables series by signing up or just come back every day to check out a new math or literacy printable for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners.

If you’ve followed along with any of my previous series, this one is going to work the same way: Every day for a week, starting September 4, I’ll publish a new apple-related printable for kids. There will be math, literacy, games, coloring, reading, handwriting, and more. You can sign up below to get an email reminder every day or simply pin or bookmark this post and come back every morning for a new installment in the series. You’ll always find all of the active links on this page.

For my previous series, I didn’t have the membership option yet, so this is new: This time (and of course for future series as well!), VIP and VIP Plus members will receive the whole series on day 1! Simply go to the landing page on the membership site on September 4 and download the whole series with one click. In addition, if you’re a VIP Plus member, you’ll get the entire series right in your inbox on September 4.


Want to know exactly what the series will include? Here’s a list!

Day 1: A is for Apple Dot Marker Coloring Pages

Day 2: Apple Life Cycle Read, Trace, and Connect

Day 3: Apple Dice Number Matching Game

Day 4: Apple Addition Board Game

Day 5: Apple Basket Counting Puzzles

Day 6: Kids and Apples Emergent Reader Coloring Pages

Day 7: Apple Patterns


Are you ready? You can sign up for your daily reminder, for the seven days only, right here! {And remember, sign up for my VIP membership to get the whole thing in one download on September 4!}


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