Crafts for Kids


A selection of 50+ crafts for kids from Simple Fun for Kids!


Want to create something with your child, from toddler on up? The process is still important for growth but with crafts, you get an object to display, give to others, or save for later.

Click below to find themed craft posts. If you’d like some pointers on how to get the most out of crafting, in particular with your toddler, keep reading below the fold.





If your little one is anything like mine as a toddler, it’s not always easy to get them to follow detailed instructions when it comes to crafts. They’re usually not nearly as interested in the finished product as you are. It’s all about the process for them. If it’s not interesting enough for them, or if the materials spark other ideas in them, your planned craft might go into totally different directions than you’d anticipated.

As always, try your best to keep an open mind and let your child lead the way if the craft isn’t working out as described. Your toddler might just come up with something completely different and cool in its own way – whether it results in an item that’s worth keeping, displaying or giving away, or “just” in more quality time and learning opportunities for both of you.

For example, I always marvel at really wonderful fingerprint art where a parent got their kid to make prints in exactly the right spots. My toddler would never go for that. Not that she doesn’t love fingerprints (and hand prints and footprints and nose prints 😉 ), that’s not it at all. It’s just that SHE decides where they go.

So, make sure to choose a craft that has the highest likelihood of success with your child. Be prepared for even that craft not working out. Toddler crafts in particular don’t necessarily lend themselves to making last minute gifts 😉

I personally keep an assortment of older drawings, paintings or other crafts in case I ever need something at the last minute and my original craft idea doesn’t work out as intended.

Keep in mind that many of the techniques we used can very easily be adjusted for all kinds of different occasions, simplified for younger kids or extended for older children.