Glue Painted Hearts




(E was 26 months old.)


You’ll need:

  • White glue.
  • Paint.
  • Hearts.
  • Ribbon (optional).


The short story: Add some paint to your white glue, right in the bottle. Stir with a stick, or simply shake the bottle until the paint and glue have blended. Paint hearts with the colored glue. Allow to dry flat.






The idea: I’ve seen examples of painting with glue in different places on the Internet. E loves squeezing paint out of a tube but never gets to do it for long, as the paint tends to run out quickly. I was attracted to the idea of mixing paint with glue, thinking it would make the fun last longer – and the results look very nice as well.


How it worked for us: We did this two days in a row, and E mostly placed very careful dots of glue paint on the hearts. She also painted the roll of paper some that I put on her work area to protect the table. I would’ve expected more glue to end up on the hearts but she had very precise ideas of where it should go and where it shouldn’t. The last one was her masterpiece, though! She loves her Christmas foam stickers, so she decided that a Valentine’s heart needs some Christmas trees! I love how the dots of colored glue on the Christmas trees look just like ornaments.

She asked me to do the orange heart, and was pretty impressed by the design 😉

My heart hole punch was too big, so I used a star hole punch to make decorative holes to thread a ribbon through for hanging.

E is very proud of our work and looks at it daily.


What I learned: The glue doesn’t stay “puffed out” as seen in the close-up when it dries, the whole thing shrivels up a bit.



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