Glitter Hearts



(E was 26 months old.)



You’ll need:

  • Glitter.
  • Hearts.
  • Glue stick.
  • Box or similar container.



The short story:

Pour glitter into container. Cover desired area of one heart at a time with glue and immediately place into container, close container and shake well. Remove heart and allow to dry.




Spreading glue on paper heart.
Pouring glitter into container.
Shaking the container.
Finished heart inside container.
Variety of finished hearts.



The idea:

Glitter is awesome, it will be Valentine’s Day soon, so why not glitterize a few hearts? I was also trying to go for a technique that didn’t end up with glitter all over the place. While most of the glitter did stay in the container, we still ended up with plenty of glitter on hands, laps, the table, etc. I guess there’s just no way to truly contain glitter, especially with a two-year-old around 😉


How it worked for us:

E was able to do the entire activity with minimal instructions, and had a lot of fun. Well, there was lots of glitter involved, after all 😉

We didn’t realize the importance of tossing the heart into the container right after it was covered in glue for our first attempt (the red paper heart), so it retained only a relatively small amount of glitter. Regardless, it still looks quite pretty.

For the others, we were much faster and got good coverage on the areas E had applied glue to.

When E was in bed, I noticed that there was still a good amount of glitter in our box, so I made a bunch of styrofoam glitter hearts to use up what was left.


What I learned:

  • After covering a heart with glue, don’t waste any time placing it in your container and shaking it. {It might have been an issue with our glue stick.}
  • As an alternative to the glue stick, you could brush on glue with a paintbrush or even a paper towel.



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