Water Activities for Kids


You probably already know that we love sensory activities around here. We don’t mind a good mess, and we’ve tried lots of different sensory materials.

Water activities tend to be simpler to set up than most other sensory activities, but that’s not the only reason we keep going back to them. There’s just something really fun about manipulating water.


20+ Water Activities for Kids from Simple Fun for Kids!


N is a particularly big fan. It works out great because most of our water activities {particularly those we’ve done most recently} are appropriate for both kids, despite their age difference, and they keep them busy for quite a long time. Afterwards, there’s usually no major clean up, and all the kids need are some dry clothes – or not even that, depending on the temperature.

Click on the thumbnails below to read about all our water activities!

Want to know my favorite water activity? I really liked the Red, White, and Blue Water Sensory Bin!





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