Hearts Sensory Sink

Recently, it was time for some simple water play again! We’re usually lucky enough to be able to play with water outside, but this time, I felt it was a bit too nippy for E. She had just recovered from being sick for the better part of a week, and I decided to let her play in the sink instead.

This Hearts Sensory Sink activity was very simple to set up, and the sink is just the perfect spot to play with water {or other potentially messy sensory materials where you don’t want the contents of a sensory bin spilled} indoors!


Simple indoor water play for kids of all ages:  A hearts sensory sink takes minute to prepare and is great fun for toddlers, preschooler, kindergartners, and older kids!

(E was 5 years and 3 months old.)

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Materials for Hearts Sensory Sink


E had been asking for a “candy activity” but still focused more on the little pink heart-shaped table scatter gems initially.

She picked them up and dropped them back into the water repeatedly.




She didn’t care too much about the cookie cutters – they seemed to be in her way more than anything.


When E was done with the plastic gems, she turned to the candy hearts.

She sorted them by color


and carefully lined them up on the edge of the sink.


And then she pushed them back into the water one by one 🙂


She also tried out the new jumbo tweezers we’d bought a few days before. At first, she complained that they were too hard to squeeze shut, but she soon got the hang of it and had fun using them to line up the candy hearts again.


When she was done, she left the sink all nice and cleaned up 🙂 Gotta love it!


Even though she’d repeatedly asked if she could eat the candy hearts after the activity, she wasn’t interested anymore when we got to that point 😉


Do your kids enjoy playing with water in the sink? Which sensory sink activities have you tried? Leave a comment below to let me know!


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