Play Dough Activities


E loves loves LOVES play dough! At 4.5 years old, she plays with it pretty much every day. Mostly it’s free play, but she’s always open for a fun activity.


Play Dough Activities: Just for fun, seasonal play dough ideas, learning activities and more!

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We usually make our own play dough. The only store bought play dough we have is whatever came with play dough tools and toys but, of course, the store bought stuff works just as well. {E’s favorite commercial play dough toy right now is Play-Doh Doctor Drill ‘N Fill.} 

Click on the thumbnails to read about some of the play dough activities we’ve done.

Most of them don’t require any special tools. For learning activities, I would recommend getting some number and letter cookie cutters, though. E just loves using them, and they can add a lot of interest to learning. Plus, they can be used for a lot of other activities, including but absolutely not limited to baking!



Popcorn Counting Play Dough Mats

Christmas Tree Play Dough Mats

Hello Sunshine! Counting Printable Pack (includes several play dough mats)

Owl Counting 1-10 Play Dough Mats

Bubble Counting Play Dough Mats

Christmas Tree Counting Play Dough Mats

Spelling Halloween Words with Beads

Ice Cream Dough with Real Sprinkles

Play Dough Sensory Bag for Babies

Invitation to Create Play Dough Pancakes

Invitation to Create Play Dough Cupcakes

Addition with Play Dough Food

Bat – Cat – Mat Play Dough Mats

Play Dough Addition

Ice Cream Dough Sensory Play

Invitation to Build a Bottle Cap Snowman

Exploring Numbers with Play Dough

Does Your Homemade Play Dough Fail?

Animal Imprints in Play Dough

Magic Play Dough Halloween Treat Bags

Invitation to Play with Halloween Play Dough



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