Ice Cream Dough with Sprinkles


Today, I’m guest posting for Erica over on eLeMeNO-P Kids!

E had an absolute blast with ice cream dough and real sprinkles – she played for over an hour the first day, and then she played with it every day until the dough got moldy after about a week and we had to throw it away.


Sensory Activities for Kids: Ice Cream Dough with Real Sprinkles!

(E was 4 years and 4 months old.)

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It’s a great simple recipe using two ingredients – and as a bonus, Erica has her own, completely different ice cream dough recipe you can try! Go over, read about both our recipes, and see which one you like better!


Here’s more on our version of ice cream dough:

Ice Cream Dough Sensory Play

Experimenting with Ice Cream Dough



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