Bat – Cat – Mat CVC Words Play Dough Mats


E recently started to learn how to sound out words. The plain flashcards she used at first just frustrated her, though. I think that was because it didn’t come easily to her, and there was nothing “extra” to keep her interested in pushing through.

I immediately thought of making her a fun printable instead – so far, she’s loved every single one I’ve made!

She’s very passionate about playing with play dough on a daily basis, so I decided to build on this interest and make some CVC word play dough mats to see if she’d like to practice her reading skills that way.

Since I didn’t know how it was going to go, I started out only making three play dough mats with CVC words from the -at word family: bat, cat and mat.


 Learning to read? Add interest when the going gets tough with these CVC word play dough mats!


So, how did it go? Let’s just say that E did one mat, started on the second one right away – and asked “Why did you only make 3??!” Yep, that means I made more -at family CVC words play dough mats immediately afterwards 🙂

As an optional extra, I provided some writing lines at the bottom of each mat. I didn’t know if E would want to use them at this time because she has pretty much taken a break from wanting to write letters, but she was happy to copy the words.

Even the flashcards still found a use when E decided to compare her play dough words to the ones on the flashcards {the flashcards are NOT included in the printable}.


Learning to read? Add interest when the going gets tough with these CVC word play dough mats!


These play dough mats were definitely a great success at our house!

Want to try them, too?



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