Printable Matching Games for Toddlers

I’ve posted a lot of printable matching games for toddlers lately, simply because N enjoys them so much.

So today, I’m putting all of the links in one post to make it easier for you to find just the right version for your little guys and girls.

I’ve got matching games with seasonal themes like fall and Halloween, popular general themes like transportation and dinosaurs, as well as color matching games for you. No matter what your kids like, you’re sure to find something fun!

I’ll be sharing more of this type of printable over the next weeks or possibly months – as long as N enjoys playing these games 🙂 They’ll be added to this post as I write about them, so check back often!


My toddler loves printable matching games that are extra simple, perfect for his attention span! Practice matching, vocabulary, one-to-one correspondence, and more with these fun games!


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My favorite game on the list is the Transportation Matching Game. It was the first time I added a second page with blackline versions of all the colored images to give more options for how to play. Matching the colored images to the blacklines was a nice step-up in difficulty for N: Just enough to make him think, but not so hard to make it frustrating for him. And he just loved the theme! Cars are definitely all that for him right now 🙂




Rainbow Bears Matching Game

Halloween Matching Game for Toddlers

Fall Matching Game for Toddlers

Dinosaur Matching Game

Bat Color Matching Game for Toddlers

Halloween Baby Costumes Matching Game for Toddlers

Rainbow Pumpkin Color Matching Game

Transportation Matching Game for Toddlers


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