Dress Up Kids Color Match

The other day, 2-year-old N got a hold of 6-year-old E’s paper dolls that she used to practice sight words. He doesn’t know anything about sight words but had a lot of fun just playing and dressing up the paper dolls any way he wanted to.

In order to give him a chance to work on color matching, I made him his own Dress Up Kids Color Match activity.

Pinnable image for the printable Dress Up Kids Color Match activity by Simple Fun for Kids. At the top, there's a yellow banner that says Dress Up Kids in black with a white outline. Underneath, it says Color Match in rainbow colors. The main image is of two paper dolls with assorted paper clothing items and a preschooler's hand reaching for a paper dress. At the bottom is the Simple Fun for Kids watermark above an orange banner with PDF in white on it.

(N was 2 years and 10 months old.)

He was so excited when he saw it and had a blast putting the outfits together again and again <3 He didn’t always decide to stick to actually matching the colors, but it definitely gave us a chance to talk about the different colors and just have fun with it.

He thought it was HILARIOUS when I put pants on a paper doll’s head but insisted on dressing them up “properly” himself 🙂

{Don’t miss the video below!}

Practice colors with fun paper dolls using this cute printable Dress Up Kids Color Match! Yellow, blue, red, and green, perfect for toddlers and preschoolers.

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Materials for Dress Up Kids Color Match

Two paper dolls of a boy and girl. The girl is wearing a turquoise dress with a blue circle on it and blue shoes with a yellow dot on them. The boy is wearing a blue and green shirt with a blue dot, blue pants with a blue dot, and blue shoes with a blue dot on them.

What’s in the printable PDF file?

The file includes 4 different kids (2 boys, 2 girls) with a dot on the chest in blue, yellow, red, and green respectively. With each kid come six different items of clothing that each have a dot in the same colors. Each color has different clothing options including dresses, long pants, shorts, t-shirts, and long-sleeved shirts.

A boy paper doll with a yellow circle on the chest. Next to it, there's a girl paper doll wearing a dress with an ice cream cone on the front and a blue circle. On the girl paper doll's feet are blue shoes with a blue dot on them. Other items of paper clothing are scattered around: shorts, shirts, shoes, pants, etc.

Print as many pages as you want (each page has one kid and clothes with the same color dot) and cut out the clothing items at the black lines. You can cut out the paper dolls at the black lines as well or cut along the turquoise lines around the image and keep the white area around it.

Then mix up the clothing items and let the kids dress up the paper dolls.

Get your Dress Up Kids Color Match now!

Preschooler's hand reaching for a paper dress with a blue dot on a wooden light brown desktop. In front of him, there's a paper doll of a girl with black hair and pink hair bows wearing a green and blue striped shirt with a blue dot on it. Other items of clothing include shorts, shoes, and pants.

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