Outdoor Activities for Kids


Outdoor Activities for Kids: Spend time outdoors with your child, have fun, and learn something at the same time!



Going outside with kids is pretty much always a good idea.

Just the barest hint of fresh air can make everything better when tempers are rising inside – and that goes for toddlers, older and younger siblings, and grown-ups, too!



Barring extreme climates (that might force you to be more creative in your outdoor activity choices), the weather is hardly ever wrong for doing outdoor activities. You may not always be able to stay outdoors for hours but even just a few minutes of fresh air can make a huge difference.

Is it cold? Put on some extra clothes (and have some hot chocolate ready for when you get home).

Is it hot? Go out at cooler times of the day, take off some more clothes, stay in the shade, and do outdoor activities that keep your kids and you cool.

Is it raining? Put on your raincoat, your rubber boots, and make sure to hit every puddle on the way.

Of course, you might have to reconsider exactly which outdoor activity you want to do, depending on the current weather.

And if it’s really too yucky to go outside, use your creativity to take some of the outdoors inside – for outdoor activities indoors!

You’ll have great fun with the most unexpected activities. How about some snow in a tub, or a fall sensory tub with real leaves?

Some outdoor activities can be suitable for kids year-round, depending on your climate, or easily adapted for snow days. How about a picnic outside, or doing a color scavenger hunt?





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