Fun and Simple Addition Activities for Kids

I published a round-up of all of my counting activities the other day, and since it’s turned out to be a very useful, popular resource for toddlers and preschoolers who are learning to count, I’ve decided to follow up with Fun and Simple Addition Activities for Kids as the next step today.

Here, you’ll find lots of ideas for learning and reviewing addition facts for kindergarteners and first graders with printable games, clip cards, play dough, blocks, and more.

Learn and review addition facts with kindergarteners and first graders with these Fun and Simple Addition Activities for Kids! Clip cards, mini folding books, games, play dough, and more!

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Cat and Yarn 10 Frame Addition Clip Cards

Apple Addition Board Game

Addition Facts Cheat Sheet Mini Folding Book

Rainbow Domino Addition 1-10

Easter Bunny Addition Clip Cards

Groundhog Day Addition Clip Cards

Building Block Addition

Ocean Creatures Addition 1-5 Printable Ebook

Mermaid Addition Memory Game

Bunches of Flowers Addition Clip Cards

Butterfly Addition Clip Cards

Vegetable Addition Clip Cards

Addition with Play Dough Food

Play Dough Addition

Animal Math Worksheets (1-10)

Owl Addition 1-10

Preschool Addition Game with Chicks and Eggs


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Once your kids have counting down pat, it's time to delve into addition. This Ocean Creatures Addition Printable Ebook includes ten different addition activities perfect for math centers for kindergarten or to play with at home.


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