Owl Addition 1-10 Printable

I’ve recently learned that addition up to 10 is actually Kindergarten math.

Of course, E is still in preschool but she’s very interested in math, particularly in addition, asking questions every day.

I’m just a mom who’s trying to follow her child’s interests, so as she’s progressing in her math knowledge, I’ve made several printables for her. She enjoyed the Farm Animal Counting 1-10 printable and gained exposure to basic addition facts with an Easter themed addition game with chicks and eggs.

For this one, I changed things up a bit. I used some cute owl clip art and made her an Owl Addition 1-10 printable that allows her to practice some addition facts without needing the different counters we used for the addition game and without needing to be able to write numbers.


Kindergarten Math: Owl Addition 1-10 - free printable!

(E was 4 years and 4 months old.)

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If your child likes cute worksheets and is working on basic addition, you’re welcome to download this free printable for him or her. It’s also free for classroom use but please make sure to follow the Terms of Use included in the file.

It includes eight addition problems up to a sum of 10 and enough numbers to represent all the numbers used in the problems. If your child is able to, just writing down the numbers will work, too.

Here’s a little preview:


Kindergarten Math: Owl Addition 1-10 - free printable!



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