Easter Printables for Kids

Seasonal themes and printables make learning more fun, and these Easter Printables for Kids are super fun!

They cover a whole bunch of different skills for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners. Are your kids working on math or literacy, addition or cutting practice, sight words, or matching? No matter what, there’s something for them featuring eggs, bunnies, chicks, or all of the above 😉

Lots of Easter printables for kids of all ages, from toddlers to preschoolers and kindergarteners! Math, literacy, addition, cutting practice, matching games, puzzles, sight words, and more!

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Printable Easter Activities Table of Content

Click on the links to go straight to a particular section of my list of free Easter printables. Alternatively, scroll down to browse.

7-Day Printable Series for Easter

My most recent Easter-related 7-day series is 7 Days of Bunny Printables for Kids. It includes bunny tracing practice, a dot marker letter find, a bunny grid game, and more.

7 Days of Easter Egg Printables for Kids was great fun and features Easter math, early literacy, matching, and more. The Easter egg theme is so cute!

My 7 Days of Easter Printables for Kids series was the first. It includes addition, spot the difference, word search, and dot marker activities. Themes include bunnies and Easter baskets.

The Best Free Easter Printables for Kids

My three most popular Easter printables for preschool and kindergarten.

My Top 3 most popular Easter printables are

My Favorite Printable Easter Activities

My three favorite Easter printables for preschool and kindergarten.

My personal favorites are the

Free Easter Printables for Toddlers

Here, toddlers can enjoy simple Easter math activities, match images, and colors, spot the difference, or color cute Easter coloring pages.

Cute bunny counting cards cover numbers 1-12, so your toddlers can get started with just a few numbers while older kids can expand their knowledge of counting and number recognition with the higher numbers.

The Easter Egg Counting Cards are similar to the bunny version, just more colorful and with more eggs 😉

My Easter Egg Matching Game for Toddlers uses the same egg images as the counting cards. They’re done in my popular matching games for toddlers format with six different Easter egg designs on large cards.

The Easter Kids Matching Game for Toddlers comes in two versions: one in color and one in b&w. Stick to one version or mix and match for a greater challenge.

The Easter Spot the Difference printable strips work on visual discrimination with some obvious and some not-so-obvious differences.

In the Rainbow Easter Egg Color Matching Game, your toddlers can match colored eggs to baskets of the same color. Alternatively, you could use two copies of eggs or baskets to make it easier to start with.

Coloring pages for toddlers are always great fun! These Easter Coloring Pages fit the bill for a quick and simple activity that keeps little ones busy and happy for a while.

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Do you have toddlers who love matching?
I have an ebook of matching games for them!

In my ebook Match This! Matching Games for Toddlers, I share 30 different matching games that are perfect for toddlers with a limited number of matches (you can mix and match different sets for a greater challenge) and large cards that are easy to pick up and hold. I’ve included instructions for playing matching and memory games at all skill levels and how to extend the activity with other learning objectives for older kids.

All of the matching games for toddlers you could ever want: matching numbers, words, shapes, colors with fun themes like firefighters, cowboys and cowgirls, construction vehicles, tools, ocean creatures, cars, bees, community helpers, and more! This Match This! Toddler Matching Games Ebook contains 30 different matching games that you can mix and match and extend at any time.

Easter Preschool Printables

If you’re working on preschool themes this spring, these Easter printables help you add more interest and fun ways to work on counting, pattern matching, letter and number recognition, and more.

The Easter Egg Roll and Color Worksheet is a quick and simple, no-prep way to practice subitizing and dice face recognition. It feels more like a game than learning math 🙂 {If you want to add color name recognition or use different colors, the VIP version of this file gives you the option.}

The Easter Egg Memory Game with a total of 20 different Easter eggs with different patterns and colors is THE top most popular Easter printable on my site. Your kids are going to love it, too!

We all love clip cards around here! The pattern matching cards with colorful patterned Easter eggs is a bit of a challenge compared to the fully colored version for more advanced matchers.

Recognize numbers 1-10 and color the spaces accordingly! No prep necessary, just print the Easter Egg Color by Number Coloring Page and start coloring.

Learning with dot markers? Yes, please! Learn more about the letter E with the dot marker letter find available in lowercase, uppercase, and mixed case versions.

The no-prep Easter Egg Hunt Roll and Cover Game is a super fun way to practice numbers 1-10, visual discrimination, and fine motor skills. All you need is a D10 (10-sided dice) and some manipulatives – or use a marker to color in the matching circles.

The E is for Easter Egg Dot Marking Coloring Pages are another dot marker option for early literacy activities while learning the alphabet. Even the youngest preschoolers can get to know the letter E this way.

These self-correcting Easter Basket Counting Puzzles for numbers 0-10 are purposely easy to cut. This helps you save time and allows your kids to start matching the two parts more quickly.

The Easter Kids Matching Clip Cards are a more advanced version of the matching game for toddlers with an added fine motor component.

The Easter Egg Counting Puzzles are an alternative to the Easter basket version above. Like that version, they also cover numbers 0-10, are self-correcting and easy to cut.

If you’re looking for a simple, doable Easter cards kids can make, you’re going to love these Easter Egg Fingerprint Cards. The post includes a simple printable Easter egg template to make it super easy to whip up a bunch of cards very quickly.

The letter B is also a great candidate for Easter early literacy practice. That’s why I shared another set of dot marking coloring pages with a B is for Bunny theme. No prep! Get out some crayons and dot markers and start coloring.

Looking at the pictures of the Preschool Addition Game makes me smile. It was the first Easter printable I made for my daughter when she was in preschool and first asked about addition. She enjoyed it sooo much 🙂 Plus, these cute transparent Easter chicks are just beyond adorable.

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(Mostly) Free Easter Printables for Kindergarten and Elementary School

The Easter math and literacy printables in this section are perfect for kindergarteners and older kids.

This Easter version of my popular cutting practice puzzles is slightly more advanced than some of the other themes. That makes it great for kids who want an extra fine motor challenge for their scissors skills and extra fun.

My Easter Word Search for Kindergarteners is super simple for beginning readers with ten simple Easter words to identify.

Just because you’re ready to learn multiplication doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy roll and cover games anymore! This giant Easter egg game focuses on multiplication by 3 and is made for use with a 10-sided die. Use the version with a printed 3 times table or the one without depending on your needs.

{Don’t have a 10-sided dice and want to expand your math teaching and learning opportunities? We have and love a polyhedral dice set that includes 4-, 6-, 8-, 10-, 12-, and 20-sided dice in seven color.}

Your early readers will enjoy the Eggs Everywhere! mini-book: Eight pages with simple sentences that mostly use pre-primer sight words and color words.

If you want to practice similar skills in a more rigorous manner, I’ve got you covered, too. The Easter Egg Sight Word Read and Cover Game uses the same clip art as the emergent reader. It includes two different gameboards and covers all 40 pre-primer sight words.

Of course, I also have an I Spy game with an Easter theme! Count the different patterned and colored eggs and mark the numbers at the bottom. There are up to 10 of each egg.

Practice 1-digit addition with my cute Easter bunny clip cards!

This bunny clip art is just the cutest! Here, the adorable bunny helps little learners in kindergarten (or preschool) practice their letter B handwriting skills. It includes handwriting mazes in uppercase, lowercase, and mixed case versions.

The Feed the Bunny Sight Word Game isn’t necessarily Easter-related. You can use it at any time of the year for sight word practice. It includes

  • all Dolch sight words,
  • editable cards for your own words, numbers, letters, etc.,
  • recording sheets,
  • a printable bunny head with its mouth open,
  • and storage labels.

You just need to add a small box and do a little prep for some really fun sight word practice.

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More Fun Easter Activities

If you’re into Easter crafts including cute Easter decorations or other non-printable activities for kids of all ages, check out my page of Easter Activities for Kids!

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