7 Days of Bunny Printables for Kids

It’s time for another 7-day series of printables! I already did 7 Days of Easter Printables for Kids and 7 Days of Easter Egg Printables in past years, so this time, I’m focusing on bunnies: 7 Days of Bunny Printables for Kids.

It’s perfect for, but not specific to, Easter, so you can use all of the printables at any time of the year.

Follow along with the 7 Days of Bunny Printables for Kids series! Perfect for Easter or any time of the year, includes material for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners covering literacy, math, fine motor objectives, and more.

This time, the series starts on March 23, 2020. So, if you prefer to see the theme as EASTER bunnies, you’ll have plenty of time to use the printables before Easter, and if you’re open for year-round bunnies and can’t use them right now, just save them for later 🙂

As always, the series covers different literacy, math, and fine motor objectives for all age groups from toddlers to elementary students.

If you’ve been on the fence about becoming a VIP member, this is a great time to push the button because all VIP members get access to the entire series with one click on day 1 (and of course without entering their email address). VIP Plus members even get a direct link to the download in their inbox.


I know that it’s not easy to remember to come back on a daily basis. That’s why I’ve set up a daily reminder that you can get every morning as a new Easter printable goes live. Simply sign up below!



Here’s what I already published and what’s yet to come:

Day 1 – Bunny Tracing Practice

Day 2 – B is for Bunny Dot Marker Letter Find

Day 3 – Bunny Grid Game

Day 4 – Bunny Connect the Dots and Write a Story

Day 5 – Bunnies with Jobs Memory Game

Day 6 – Dressed Up Bunnies Matching Game for Toddlers

Day 7 – Coming soon!


While you wait for the next installment in the series, check out my other bunny printables:

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Easter Bunny Addition Clip Cards

Easter Bunny Counting Cards

B is for Bunny Dot Marker Coloring Pages

B is for Bunny Handwriting Letter Mazes


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