Spring Activities for Kids

Has spring sprung yet? I keep hearing of people who still have snow (or again, I guess), but it’s been spring in Texas for a good long while now.

It took me a while to realize that I didn’t have a dedicated spring landing page yet (although Easter activities are here and St. Patrick’s Day activities are here), but once I did, I got to work right away. So here it is: All of my Spring Activities for Kids in one spot!

Pinnable image for Spring Activities for Kids by Simple Fun for Kids. At the top, there's a pastel green banner that says spring activities in black capital letters and simple & fun! underneath. At the bottom, there's a Simple Fun for Kids watermark above an olive green banner saying PDF - Digital - Sensory - Crafts. There's a collage of pictures of Butterfly Addition Clip Cards, Mother's Day Fingerprint Cards, Bottle Print Flowers, Jeweled Butterfly craft, and Flower Meadow Sensory Bin.

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Earth Day, Easter, and St. Patrick’s Day have their own landing pages:

Here are more general spring themes including lambs, bees, rain, kites, butterflies, and flowers, sensory activities, printables, art, and more:

Rain Cloud Multiplication Expression Clip Cards

Feed the Bunny Sight Word Game

Rainbow Domino Addition 1-10

Catching Fireflies Cutting Practice Puzzles

Catching Butterflies Fill in the Blank Clip Cards

25 Sensory Activities for Spring

Colorful Kites I Spy Game

Bunches of Flowers Addition Clip Cards

B is for Butterfly Letter Maze

My Mommy and I Mother’s Day Survey

I Love My Mom! Emergent Reader

Fingerprint Mother’s Day Cards

Cinco de Mayo Skip Counting Puzzles

Butterfly I Spy Game

Butterfly Addition Clip Cards

Spring Coloring Pages

Painting Butterflies on the Wall

Finger Painting Cloud Collage

Painting a Puddle

Painted and Jeweled Butterflies

Bottle Print Flowers

“Flower Meadow” Sensory Bag

“Flower Meadow” Sensory Tub

Fizzy Puddle

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