Best of 2016

The end of 2016 has happened! I hope you made your way safely and enjoyably to 2017 and are ready for a look back at the Best of 2016 on Simple Fun for Kids!

In our personal lives, we had one of the more exciting years in the life of our family: We moved back from the US to Germany after three years in Texas! N turned 2 a few days after we got here, and he’d spent his entire life prior to our move in his native country. E was 5.5, and she barely remembered life in Germany from way back when she was barely 2 and a half. Thankfully, they’re both really easy-going, and even though E missed her friends, they both pretty much took the whole thing in stride.

On the blog, 2016 saw me making a lot more printables than in previous years. I know my readers really like them, my kids love doing them, and I love making them, so it’s a no-brainer 🙂

I’ve also stepped up making more involved paid printables, and I’m very happy that my top 3 new posts were all paid printables! Thank you for the support!


With the start of 2017 comes a look back at 2016 with this Best of 2016 list on Simple Fun for Kids! The best new posts of the past year and my personal favorite are included! Printables for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners definitely won the popularity race in 2016.


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Follow this fun, simple, and frugal 24 Days of Christmas Printables Christmas Countdown with your older toddler, preschooler or kindergartener! Something no-prep or low-prep to spend quality time every day of December all the way up until Christmas, easy peasy!

24 Days of Christmas Printables Christmas Countdown

This project was really near and dear to my heart, and it really makes me happy that my readers use it with their kids while they count down to Christmas! It’s an added bonus that I had a ton of fun making all of those Christmas printables! So much fun indeed that I did a new free 24 Days series of Christmas Printables for Toddlers this Christmas season 😉

Learn and review letters with these Letter Mazes A-Z! Perfect for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners who are learning to recognize letters and tell them apart.

A-Z Letter Mazes

The letter mazes series was the first printable series I ever made, and E’s first favorite type of printable. This pack includes all of the mazes from A to Z plus exclusive alphabet and number mazes not available elsewhere.

This Hello Sunshine! Counting Printable Pack contains 10 different activities for learning and practicing counting at different skill levels for toddlers and preschoolers with play dough mats, games, clip cards, puzzles, and more. Includes numbers, dice, and tally mark versions.

Hello Sunshine! Counting Printable Pack

If your kids are starting to count, this is perfect for them! The pack includes 10 different activities for counting up to 10 (with a couple of variations going higher than that), using numbers, dice, and tally marks.


Bonus #1: The most popular old (pre-2016) post


Art and sensory activity for kids: Messy painting with Shaving Cream Puffy Paint is so much fun! My toddler had a blast, but it would be great fun for preschoolers and kindergartners, too.


Once again, my Shaving Cream Puffy Paint post {that I wrote way back in January 2013 when I first started blogging!} was my most popular post overall. No doubt, shaving cream puffy paint is super fun, and if you enjoy it, too, you may like my Puffy Snowmen, too 🙂 Or explore other types of puffy paint: Microwave Puffy Paint and Microwave Puffy Sand Paint.


Bonus #2: My personal favorite


My toddler's first totschool activity was color sorting with rainbow bears - and he's in love with it! Super simple, but a fun and educational introduction to colors.


It’s always so hard but also so much fun to look back at a whole year’s worth of posts and try to decide which one is my favorite. This year, I finally found that it was Color Sorting with Rainbow Bears! What’s not to love about a simple toddler activity that features my (then) 1-year-old’s fondness for his rainbow bears? 🙂


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What was your best of 2016 post on Simple Fun for Kids? What was your favorite kids’ activity in 2016? Leave a comment below!


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