The Best of 2014


2014 was another busy year:

E turned 4, and a few months before that, she became a big sister to Baby N.

As always, we had lots of fun doing many different activities – here are the most popular ones of the year!


The Best of 2014 on Simple Fun for Kids – the top 5 most popular posts from 2014, plus the most popular older post, and my personal favorite!




The Best of 2014: The Top 5 Most Popular Posts


#1: Very Sandy Sand Slime


How we made sand slime with LOTS of sand and had lots of fun with it!

The most popular post of the year by a huge margin was about how we made {Very Sandy} Sand Slime and had a blast. You have to try this minimal mess sensory activity!




#2: Glue Star Suncatchers


Glue star suncatchers with beads and glitter - a simple, fun craft for toddlers, preschoolers and up.


We made pretty glittery Glue Star Suncatchers, and they were particularly popular on Pinterest.




#3: Sticky Sand Sensory Play


Do your sand creations fall apart too quickly? Make some sticky sand - it's quick, only takes 3 ingredients, and can be used for lots of sensory fun!


Another sensory activity using sand came in at number 3: Sticky Sand Sensory Play. Making sticky sand is even easier than making sand slime, and I know you have the ingredients in your kitchen right now! 


#4: How to Make Glitter Paint


How to make beautiful glitter paint with three simple ingredients!


We made our own glitter paint from three ingredients – it was so pretty, and it was a big hit with my readers, too!




#5: Baking Soda and Vinegar Volcano


Baking soda and vinegar volcano from an old cloud dough sensory bin - lots of messy fun!


We love the baking soda and vinegar reaction, and happily use any excuse to come up with another activity using it. Our baking soda and vinegar volcano was great fun – and as a bonus, we were able to give new life to some old cloud dough!




Bonus #1: Most popular old (pre-2014) post


Handprint Snowmen Christmas Ornaments


Handprint Snowmen Christmas Ornaments: A super cute quick Christmas craft for kids!


This post blew all the other ones out of the water during the Christmas season of 2014. And with good reason – our Handprint Snowmen Christmas Ornaments are incredibly cute and quite easy to make. In fact, this is the third year we’ve made them at our house.




Bonus #2: My favorite post from 2014


Invitation to Build a Bottle Cap Snowman


Winter Activities for Kids: Build a bottle cap snowman in play dough!


While this activity didn’t show up at the top of the pageviews {to be fair, I published the post in mid-December and didn’t give it much time to make the top 5 for the year 😉 }, I loved it and couldn’t get enough of those cute bottle cap snowmen 🙂




What was your best of 2014 post on Simple Fun for Kids? What was your favorite kid activity in 2014? Leave a comment!




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