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2015 is in the books! The year flew by while N turned 1, E turned 5, and we did lots of fun activities together.

Read on to find out which post was the most popular of the year and to learn about the top 5 new posts I wrote in 2015!


Check out the best posts of 2015 on Simple Fun for Kids!


The Best of 2015: The Top 5 Most Popular Posts


#1: Painting Leaves


Art Projects for Kids: Painting Leaves - simple and oh so beautiful!


Painting Leaves was a super simple activity, but E had an absolute blast with it, and my readers loved it.


#2: Rainbow Art with Cotton Balls


Simple Art and Fine Motor Practice for Kids: Rainbow Art with Cotton Balls


Rainbow Art with Cotton Balls was the first ever activity we did that included all the colors of the rainbow. No clue what took us so long – we’ve since done several more rainbow activities.


#3: Printables for Kids


Check out these cute, fun educational printables for kids on Simple Fun for Kids!


Another first for me: I started making my own printables in 2015! I’m pretty excited about their success with my readers because not only does E enjoy them very much, I absolutely love making them 🙂


#4: Farm Animal Patterns Printable


Free farm animal patterns printable with different ways to play and learn!


And in fourth place is the most popular printable of the year! This Farm Animal Patterns Printable features simple patterns your kids can complete with cut and paste images as well as an option of coming up with your own patterns.


#5: Farm Animal Counting 1-10


Free Farm Animal Counting 1-10 Printable - so cute!


Farm animals are always popular {plus, I absolutely ADORE this cute clip art!}, and Farm Animal Counting 1-10 comes in as the 5th most popular new post of 2015.


Bonus #1: The most popular old (pre-2015) post


Art and sensory activity for kids: Messy painting with Shaving Cream Puffy Paint is so much fun! My toddler had a blast, but it would be great fun for preschoolers and kindergartners, too.


This year, the evergreen Shaving Cream Puffy Paint post {one of the first posts I ever wrote} did amazingly well and came in as the top most popular post of the year. Despite increasing competition from new posts (I wrote more than 250 posts in 2015!), it more than doubled its pageviews this year compared to 2014!


Bonus #2: My personal favorite


24 Days of Christmas Printables: Day 4 - color your own printable Christmas ornaments! Super fun and cute ornaments for toddlers and preschoolers!


As I mentioned above, I wrote more than 250 posts in 2015, and it wasn’t easy to pick just one favorite. At the end of the day, I have to say that I had a BLAST doing the 24 Days of Christmas Printables series {even though I needed a week off afterward 😉 }, and my favorite activity from it was Day 4: Color Your Own Printable Christmas Ornaments. They turned out so cute, and according to E, it’s now her favorite way of making ornaments 🙂


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What was your best of 2015 post on Simple Fun for Kids? What was your favorite kids’ activity in 2015? Leave a comment below!



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