Printable Coloring Pages for Kids: Fun, Free, and Educational

Coloring pages! Before I had kids, I didn’t realize how much attraction they had – it’s just doesn’t seem like the most creative activity, does it?

Well, E would prove this idea wrong every day for years! She really loved coloring, both inside the lines and just randomly on the page, she would write on her coloring pages, and just use them however she wanted to. She even frequently decided to give her finished coloring pages to her friends, teachers, or even daddy and me as gifts.

N has also always been big on coloring and still is today at age 8. He’s into realism and loves to look at photos and recreate colors and accessories. But his absolute favorites are color-by-number coloring sheets.

At the same time, they both practice a lot of important skills, like fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, planning, and many more!

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