B is for Baseball Dot Marker Coloring Pages

After the N is for Nurse Dot Marker Coloring Pages I shared a few weeks ago, here comes the second printable in the series: B is for Baseball Dot Marker Coloring Pages.

Again, E liked it almost as much as N did, even though she already knew all about the letter B 😉 They had fun working on their coloring pages together. E chose not to use dot markers at all and colored and traced everything with regular markers.

N followed my lead in dotting the dots in the letter B (it worked better than it did on letter N) but was less interested in the coloring aspect this time. I love that he has the option of coloring (and most of the time, he really enjoys it), dotting, and tracing but can 100% choose what he wants to do with the printable.

Title image showing a child coloring the B is for Baseball Dot Marker Coloring Page

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Materials for B is for Baseball Dot Marker Coloring Pages

What’s in the Printable PDF File?

The file has 7 pages that include 4 different dot marker pages. 

A completed copy of a B is for Baseball Dot Marker Coloring Page. Includes coloring and tracing in a variety of different colors.

They each have a capital letter B with dots in the outline, an image of a baseball player, and the line “B is for Baseball” at the bottom of the page for tracing, reading, or copying.

Child coloring a capital letter B.

Two of the variations are completely in black and white, while the other two feature a full-color baseball player image. The variations differ in the number of dots that make up the letter B.

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A completed copy of a B is for Baseball Dot Marker Coloring Page. Includes coloring and tracing in a variety of different colors.

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