Ocean Creatures Facts & Coloring Pages

E has been doing a lot of coloring lately. Her summer camp theme was “Under the Sea” last month, so I decided to add to the ocean creatures printables I have available {like Ocean Creatures Memory Game and Shark I Spyand make some Ocean Creatures Coloring Pages that also include some fun facts about each animal.

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Materials for Ocean Creatures Facts & Coloring Pages

What’s in the Ocean Creatures Coloring Pages PDF file?

There are 10 coloring pages with a fun fact about the creature printed at the bottom in a dotted and lined font. The fun fact can be used for extra environmental print, tracing, or copying. {It can also help you figure out what you’re looking at – not like I need that with any animal ever, and I’m sure neither do you 😉 }

The coloring pages include the following ocean creatures:

  • clownfish,
  • crab,
  • dolphin,
  • jellyfish,
  • lobster,
  • octopus,
  • pufferfish,
  • shark,
  • squid,
  • and turtle.

The 10 fun ocean creatures facts are

  • “Clownfish live in coral reefs. They communicate with sounds.”
  • “Crabs have ten legs. Most crabs walk sideways.”
  • “Dolphins are very intelligent and love to play.”
  • “Some jellyfish glow in the dark.”
  • “Lobsters taste with their legs and chew with their stomachs.”
  • “An octopus has three hearts and nine brains.”
  • “Pufferfish can puff up into a ball shape to scare their enemies.”
  • “Sharks do not have bones.”
  • “Squids are very fast swimmers and usually travel in groups.”
  • “Some turtles live in the water and some live on land, but they all lay their eggs on land.”

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  2. Beech room says:

    Hi, there is no link to download the pages? Am I missing something? Thanks

    1. I’m so sorry, there has been an issue with disappearing download boxes on and off over the past several weeks. It should be fixed now.

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