Interactive Back to School Word Search

My Interactive Easter Word Search puzzle was such a fun activity, I wanted to create more interactive content.

Today, as we’re about to ring in the new school year, I have an Interactive Back-to-School Word Search with ten school-related words to find in the grid.

It’s a perfect resource for the beginning of the year and a great activity for kids in elementary school classrooms, early finishers, or just as an easy activity at home.

My son is starting third grade this year and still loves these simple word searches 🙂

{Do you prefer a printable word search? Check out the Back to School Word Search Printable!}

Pinnable image for Interactive Back to School Word Search; at the top, there's a yellow banner that says word search in black capital letters and back to school in rainbow colors underneath. At the bottom, there's a Simple Fun for Kids watermark above a lavender banner saying Interactive. In the middle of the image, there's a computer monitor showing an image of the back to school word search with clip art of a boy and girl with backpacks walking to school.

Increase the challenge by checking your time as shown at the bottom of the word search puzzle and try to beat it on your next try.

You can create a fresh grid when you’re done by clicking the retry button. If you want to start over before you finish, click “Check”, then “Retry”.

The words in the grid include common school activities, school subjects, and other school-related words:

  • books
  • friends
  • learning
  • lunch
  • math
  • pens
  • pencils
  • playing
  • reading
  • teacher

A picture of a monitor with the interactive back to school word search displayed on it. The computer monitor is on top of a gray desk and in front of a red wall.
Clipart credit: Kids walking to school by Educlips, monitor mockup by Bricks and Border.

How to Play the Interactive School Word Search Puzzle

  • Pick a word from the word bank and look for it in the grid.
  • Alternatively, look at the grid to see which hidden word(s) you can find.
  • Once you’ve found a word, click on the first letter, drag over the rest of the letters, and let go over the last letter of the word.
  • Continue until you’ve highlit all of the words.
  • As you mark words, the corresponding entry in the word list is checked off automatically.
  • Once you’ve found all ten words, your score is shown at the bottom of the grid..
  • Can’t find a word? You can find the solution at any time by clicking the check button.
  • After clicking the check button, you can click retry to generate a new grid.

Play the free word search puzzle now!

Please use this version on mobile!

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