Fun and Simple Sight Word Activities for Kids

Does your child learn sight words? I know not everyone likes them, but I also know that they’ve helped my daughter’s reading skills immensely. She doesn’t need to painstakingly sound out each word anymore. Of course, she does still do her fair share of sounding out, but that’s balanced with the sight words she recognizes because we play with them several days a week.

Notice that I’m talking about Fun and Simple Sight Word Activities that are hands-on, sensory, and involve fine and gross motor skills, not just flashcards or vocabulary lists! There’s still a place for flash cards for sure (in fact, I offer a few sets for download), but we try to use them in fun, engaging ways.


Are your kids starting to read? Having a hard time learning their sight words? Try these fun and simple sight word activities to make it more interesting and engaging! Perfect for kindergarteners, elementary students, and anyone just learning to read.

Below, you’ll find the sight word activities we’ve done so far. I’ll be adding new ones frequently, so make sure to sign up to my weekly newsletter to avoid missing any of them!



Here are the same activities in list form – I sometimes find it easier to find what I’m looking for in a list like this ūüôā


Winter Clothes Pre-Primer Sight Word Match

Gingerbread Baby Positional Words Clip Cards

Snowball Fight Primer Sight Words

Sight Word Pumpkin Patch Sensory Bin

I See Babies! Emergent Reader

Ocean Creatures Sight Word Puzzles

Solar System Sight Word Puzzles

Sight Word Stamping

Community Helpers Sight Word Puzzles

Superhero Sight Word Puzzles

Learning Sight Words with Gross Motor Activities

Eggs Everywhere! Emergent Reader

Pre-Primer Sight Word Mini Flash Cards

Easter Egg Sight Word Read and Cover Game

Sight Word ABCs with Blocks

Pre-Primer Sight Word Pumpkins


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