Best of May 2017

Welcome to summer! June is here, and May 2017 is in the books. It was a good month where I found out how much my readers love mini folding books (I already knew that my kids ADORE them 🙂 ), I did a lot of work behind the scenes of the website, and our house construction made great progress (we’re now planning on moving in in November!) 🙂

Keep reading to check out the Best of May 2017: All of the new posts I wrote, the top 3 most popular new posts, and of course my personal favorite!

Here's the Best of May 2017 on Simple Fun for Kids: Printables and learning activities for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners!

Before I show you what’s new, I wanted to let you know that my membership site is now fully open! You can become a VIP member right NOW to download each printable with a single click, save 50% on all of my paid products, never see any ads, and take advantage of all of the other benefits. You’ll even get my Letter A-Z Mini Folding Books Bundle for free!


Top 3 Most Popular Posts of May 2017


Letter A Mini Folding Book

How to Make and Assemble a Mini Folding Book

Letter A Picture Matching Game


I chuckled a little when I saw the top 3 most popular new posts this past month 🙂 The images are deceptively similar, although the posts and printables are obviously different 😉 There’s the Letter A Mini Folding Book, the Letter A Picture Matching Game that uses the same images in a very different format, and my tutorial on How to Assemble a Mini Folding Book – that happens to also be based on the Letter A Mini Folding Book.

If you’re currently working on letter A, my most popular posts definitely have you covered 😉


My Personal Favorite New Post of May 2017

Once more, a matching game was my favorite of the month! They’re so versatile, can be adapted to many themes and learning objectives, and they’re fun every time. This particular set, Strawberry Emotions Matching Game, was even more awesome than most: My 2-year-old LOVES imitating facial expressions, and he had a field day with these cute strawberry faces 🙂


All New Posts of April 2017

Math Learning Activities and Printables:

Literacy Learning Activities and Printables:

Other Printables and Learning Activities:




What were your favorite new posts in May? Let me know in the comments below!



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