7 Simple Homemade Paint Recipes


We have lots of store bought paint but I think E almost enjoys the homemade kind more. Mixing it definitely adds to the attraction, and it’s always exciting to see how these simple homemade paint recipes work out.

All the materials are very simple, so you can try one or two or all of them right now! We hope you enjoy them as much as we did!


Art for Kids: Try these 7 simple homemade paint recipes!




One of the first homemade paint recipes we tried when E was just over two years old was Shaving Cream Puffy Paint. E had insane fun with this paint, turning the activity into a full-on sensory experience.


Messy painting with Shaving Cream Puffy Paint - so much fun!




Microwave Puffy Paint is a variation on the theme that requires drying in the microwave.


A very different kind of paint that puffs up in the microwave - must-try with your toddler!




For the third type of puffy paint we tried, we added sand – it made the texture even more amazing: Microwave Puffy Sand Paint.


Puffy sand paint is a fun homemade art material for kids that dries with a 3D texture when microwaved!




On another occasion, we made super fun glitter paint from three ingredients.


How to make beautiful glitter paint with three simple ingredients!




E is a big fan of process art, and it’s never more fun than in the bathtub.

We’ve made super colorful bubble bath bathtub paint (and accidentally dropped it less than gracefully into the bathtub 😉 ).






When E had a bad cold once, she had fun with Eucalyptus Bath Paint that helped her breathe more easily at the same time.


We made quick and simple eucalyptus bath paint that helped with my daughter's cold while she painted!




Another fun variation on bath paint was this Quick Bath Paint recipe from two ingredients.


How to make quick bath paint with two ingredients!




Have you tried making your own paint before? Which of the seven simple homemade paint recipes above is your favorite? Leave a comment – and feel free to add a link if you’ve written about it!




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