Printable I Spy Valentine’s Card

There are 28 kids in E’s class this year. That’s a lot of kids in any context, and of course it means 27 Valentine’s cards to make…  Last year, we made simple handmade cards for a class half that size but this year, E is wayyy more reluctant to craft, and I frankly didn’t feel like handmaking 26.5 cards myself…

So while looking at Pinterest, I came across these awesome Printable I Spy Valentine’s Cards on The Pleasantest Thing. I was immediately intrigued because they aren’t “just” regular Valentine’s cards, but kids can actually use them to play an I Spy game at home.

I thought that the original was a little too involved for E’s 3- and 4-year-old friends, though, and decided to make my own simplified Printable I Spy Valentine’s Card with simpler images and numbers to circle.


Printable I Spy Valentine's Card - not just a card, but also a game to play at home! Perfect as a last minute Valentine!


These cards are also perfect as a last-minute Valentine – you can have them printed out and put in an envelope within minutes!

Just download the file below and print with no further prep required. The card comes in two versions: One that just says “Have fun!” at the bottom and another one that says “Have fun! Your friend” and provides a space for your child’s name. 

You can print the printable on a 4×6 or 5×7 card. It was designed for 5×7, so make sure to choose the “Fit” option if you use 4×6. Or just print it on letter-size or A4 printer paper to play the I Spy Valentine’s game at home.

For an extra challenge, you can print it in black and white for older kids. We tried but E at 4 years and 3 months had a very hard time understanding the difference in black and white.

Note: In a test run, E always wanted to include the hearts at the bottom in the count, so the numbers go up to 6 but there are no more than 5 hearts of each color in the upper area. This way, there’s a number to circle no matter how your child counts 🙂


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Download your I Spy Valentine’s Card now!

Printable I Spy Valentine's Card - not just a card, but also a game to play at home! Perfect as a last minute Valentine!

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