Printable Emergent Readers for Kids

It’s hard to find simple, short yet meaningful texts for preschoolers and kindergarteners who are just learning to read. We’ve run into boring stuff or too much text that’s overwhelming many times.

But there’s a better way with these Printable Emergent Readers for Kids! They’re short, simple, and have great picture support.

There are two basic types: Emergent reader booklets and emergent reader coloring pages.


Check out these cute printable Emergent Readers for Kids from Simple Fun for Kids! Short booklets and emergent reader coloring pages are perfect for preschoolers and kindergarteners who are just learning to read.


The booklets have 8 pages each and feature colorful images with one or two short sentences on each page that describe the scene using many sight words.

The emergent reader coloring pages are one-page, no-prep printables with black and white images for coloring and a simple sentence or two in a tracing font. This type of printable doesn’t necessary focus on sight words but uses simple theme-appropriate words.

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Groundhog Day Emergent Reader Coloring Pages

My Snowman and Me Emergent Reader Coloring Pages

I See Babies! Emergent Reader

I Love My Daddy! Emergent Reader

I Love My Mom! Emergent Reader

Community Helpers Emergent Reader Coloring Pages

Eggs Everywhere! Emergent Reader

Hearts, Hearts, Hearts! Emergent Reader


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