I Love My Dad! Emergent Reader Printable

If you saw my printable I Love My Mom! Emergent Reader a couple of weeks ago, this is what I made first for (German) Father’s Day: I Love My Dad! Emergent Reader.

Did you know that German Father’s Day can be before OR after Mother’s Day? German Mother’s Day is on the same day as US Mother’s Day, though. It’s so strange how these things work in different countries. Who decides stuff like this, anyway?

At any rate, we’ve already celebrated Father’s Day, and E couldn’t wait to read this booklet to her daddy. They both LOVED it!

{This has now been updated with a black and white version for VIPs; I’ve also added a mini folding book version with the same images and words if you prefer that format.}


Pinnable title image of a printable I Love My Daddy Emergent Reader


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Materials for I Love My Dad! Emergent Reader

  • Printer.
  • Paper cutter or scissors.
  • Stapler (optional).
  • Paper. {The printer paper I used was really too thin. You’ll print on both sides of one sheet of paper, so if you want less or no show-through, use heavier paper. Just make sure it’s white on both sides.}


Image of I Love My Daddy Emergent Reader color version..


How to prepare the emergent reader:

Download the file (see below) and print pages 4 and 5 on the back and front of one sheet of paper.

Cut along the gray line. Fold both halves of the paper in half in between the images of the emergent reader.

Put the halves of the paper on top of each other, with the title and copyright pages on the outside. You can staple the pages together if you’d like.

Was that confusing? This post by The Measured Mom includes a great video tutorial!

The VIP version also includes a black and white version.

Image of I Love My Daddy Emergent Reader black and white version with colored markers.


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Image of I Love My Daddy Emergent Reader color version..

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Like the clip art?

My Daddy and I Father’s Day Survey uses the same set.


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