Earth Day I Spy Game

I know I keep saying that I’ve almost made an I Spy game for every holiday (and for several non-seasonal themes, too), but then I always find another fun holiday that’s just screaming for its own I Spy game ūüėČ

This time, I’ve decided to make an Earth Day I Spy Game¬†with some super adorable clip art! {This is actually my first ever Earth Day post. Look for more Earth Day printables over the next few days while I give you a few more options for seasonal hands-on learning!}


Earth Day is on April 22! Practice counting in a playful manner with this printable Earth Day I Spy Game that's perfect for preschoolers and kindergarteners.

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Materials for Earth Day I Spy Game

  • Printer.
  • One sheet of paper.
  • Markers, crayons, highlighters, manipulatives, or whatever else your child likes to use to mark the page.


What’s in the Printable PDF File?

The pdf file consists of one page and is a no-prep printable. That means you can simply download the file, print the page, and start playing. Of course, lamination is always an option if you want extra durability and/or if you want to be able to reuse the I Spy game.

Earth Day is on April 22! Practice counting in a playful manner with this printable Earth Day I Spy Game that's perfect for preschoolers and kindergarteners.

The objective of this game is to count how many there are of each image, then mark the corresponding number at the bottom. There are instructions and an answer key included in the file.

Make sure to discuss strategies that are helpful when kids want to ensure they count each item once and only once. It’s helpful to use markers, crayons, stickers, manipulatives, or similar items to mark items that have already been counted.


Download your Earth Day I Spy Game Printable!

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Want even more I Spy games?

Check out the new awesome I Spy ebook from Carolyn at Pleasantest Thing! It includes 60 {SIXTY!!!} different I Spy games at different skill levels and with different objectives. All the games are included in one convenient pdf file and are super easy to print out. The book includes an answer key for each game and lots of fun ideas for using the printables, too.

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I Spy Ebook by 60 different fun and engaging printable I Spy games with different levels of difficulty. Answer keys and many ideas for playing are included! Great quick and simple boredom busters for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners.



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