Basic Color Circles

Today, I’m sharing N’s favorite printable with you! He’s started being interested in learning his colors, and I made him this super simple Basic Color Circles printable.

Basic color circles pinnable title image.

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He really enjoys playing with this printable and pulls it out all of the time along with his rainbow bears. I hadn’t even thought about doing totschool, much less every day, but N insists 😉

Materials for Using the Basic Color Circles

  • Paper.
  • Printer.
  • Laminator and laminating pouches (optional but recommended because it helps the printable stand up to rough toddler handling much better).
  • Manipulatives or other items that can be color sorted, like our favorite rainbow bears or things you already have: buttons, blocks, etc. (optional).
Close-up of the yellow color circle with yellow fuse beads.

What’s in the Printable PDF File?

This is a simple one-page printable. No prep required, but lamination has helped our copy survive for weeks, despite daily use that includes waving it around excitedly 😉

You can use the basic color circles to simply talk about the colors, for color sorting and color recognition. It also introduces the color words in each circle.

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