20 Ways to Learn with Rainbows

Who doesn’t love rainbows? They make a great preschool or kindergarten theme for working on pretty much anything: colors, math, handwriting, matching, and more!

Today, I’ve picked out my favorite 20 Ways to Learn with Rainbows for you! (And I didn’t forget about older kids either 🙂 )

Rainbows are a super fun theme for learning with young kids!  Check out these 20 Ways to Learn with Rainbows, perfect for working on literacy and math with toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners.

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Done? Good! Now check out these fun ways to learn with rainbows:

Rainbow Domino Addition

Practice your addition facts up to 10 with this cute printable Rainbow Domino Addition activity! Perfect for kindergarteners and first graders who compare the different number bonds.

Rainbow Color Patterns by Life Over Cs

Printable Rainbow Booklet by Twitchetts

Rainbow Finger and Number Matching Puzzles by Fun with Mama

Rainbow Colors Board Game for Toddlers

Learn about colors with this super simple, printable Rainbow Colors Board Game for toddlers and preschoolers! Includes a custom dice.

Printable Do-A-Dot Rainbow Activity from My Bored Toddler

Rainbow Backyard Obstacle Course by Sunny Day Family

Rainbow CVC Word Building by Royal Baloo

R is for Rainbow Dot Marker Coloring Pages

Learn letters with these cute, printable R is for Rainbow Dot Marker Coloring Pages! Perfect for a variety of skills, from coloring to dotting to tracing and even reading. For toddlers and preschoolers. (Day 5 of the 7 Days of St. Patrick's Day Printables for Kids.)

Unicorn Printable Board Game by Views from a Stepstool

Rainbow Fidget Spinner Word Decoding Sheets by Teaching Mama

Rainbow Number Puzzles for Preschoolers by From ABCs to ACTs

R is for Rainbow Handwriting Letter Mazes

Practice writing upper and lower case letter R with these printable R is for Rainbow Handwriting Letter Mazes! Great for preschoolers and kindergarteners who are learning to write. (Day 2 of the 7 Days of St. Patrick's Day Printables for Kids series.)

Color Matching Fish Bowl for Preschoolers by Life Over Cs

Rainbow Activity Printable Pack for Preschoolers by Parenting from the Heart

Rainbow Letter and Phonics Picture Match by A Little Pinch of Perfect

Rainbow Bear Matching Game

Everything rainbow bears gets my toddler's attention immediately. He LOVED this super simple Rainbow Bear Matching Game I made from a color sorting printable I offer. Great for working on colors and color words in tot school!

Build a 3D Rainbow by Gift of Curiosity

Rainbow Photo Hunt STEAM Activity by Totschooling

Rainbow Pumpkin Color Matching Game

Toddlers can learn and review colors with this printable Rainbow Pumpkin Color Matching Game! Simple, large cards and just a few matches, perfect for little hands and minds.

What’s your favorite way to learn with rainbows? Leave a comment below!

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