The Not-So-Green-Sheep


One of E’s favorite books is “Where is the Green Sheep?” She loves looking for the green sheep and finally finding it on the last page. I’ve seen lots of great book activities for kids but this is the first book for which we came up with our own activities.

For one of them, I’d planned on having E stick green pom poms to a sheep outline on contact paper.


(E was 2 years and 6 months old.)

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Materials for the Green Sheep Book Activity:

  • Contact paper.
  • Permanent marker. {Dry-erase works too, and you may be able to reuse the contact paper provided you don’t use a big piece, as in my experience, the big ones seem to end up all tangled.}
  • Pom poms.

I used the same outline I’d drawn for our other Green Sheep activities and copied it to some contact paper. I was able to simply trace it through the backing with a permanent marker.


I taped the contact paper to the table and gave E some pom poms.
My plan with the green pom poms went out the window straight away. I guess E doesn’t like the green sheep THAT much 😉 There were other colors of pom poms, and she was determined to use them all.

Giving the choice of color for the next pom pom a good hard thought:



After a while, E decided to take all the pom poms off the contact paper and start over. She actually started out with a few green pom poms this time but still wasn’t up for a solid color sheep.


As usual, I didn’t push E to do the activity “my way”, and she had fun with all her different colors of pom poms while practicing fine motor skills.
If you really want a green sheep {or any other color, for that matter}, you can buy bags of pom poms that are all one color from Over there, you can also find ideas {and a nice selection of supplies if you’re in the UK} for all kinds of crafts for kids, many suitable for toddlers or easily made toddler friendly.




Do your kids like “Where’s the Green Sheep”? What’s your favorite book activity? Leave a comment below!



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