Quick Toddler Activity: Name that Insect


Here’s a quick and simple activity we did before dinner today {you can easily do this while cooking but we’re lucky enough to have a Papa who loves to cook 😉 }:


(E is 32 months old.)

Like many of the cool, really simple ideas, this was E’s: She simply took insects and bugs out of her toob one by one, said or asked their names, set them all out on the carpet – then put them all back one by one, again saying or asking their names. And after that, she started over again.


Check out that giant fly! Until recently, E was afraid of flies for some reason – good thing she got over it 😉 Papa was pretty freaked out by this toob – I have to admit I was a bit bothered by the cockroach.

It’s actually not that easy to take all those insects and bugs out of the toob and get them back in, especially the winged ones, so E had to work her fine motor skills quite a bit.
A nice way to combine learning and saying some new words and fine motor practice. No setup and no additional clean-up required, and we were done just in time for dinner 🙂
If you don’t have a toob, just put some plastic animals or other objects in a small box and pull them out one by one. What counts is the opportunity to talk about and look at interesting objects.

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