Letter H Maze Printable

While E really enjoys hands-on activities, she also enjoys sitting down with a fun worksheet every once in a while.

She’s very interested in letters currently, asking how things are spelled and pointing out letters everywhere we go. When I saw this super cute clip art, I just had to turn it into a printable for her. First off, I made a letter H maze, just to see if she liked it. Did she ever!

Super cute, free letter H maze printable!

(E was 4 years and 3 months old.)

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This was the first time I’d ever made a printable for E – actually, the first time I’d ever made a printable, period.

When E got her first glimpse, she was already giggling. And that was before the googly eyes 😉 She loved the horsie in particular.

 Super cute, free letter h maze printable!

The beauty of making my own printable was that I was able to customize it to E’s skill level. She often gets “h” and “n” mixed up, so I added some extra “n”s around the “h”s in the lower case and mixed case versions.

And it did throw her a bit the first time she went through the mazes. She didn’t mark the “n”, but she asked if it was an “h”. We discussed how to tell both apart, and after that, she had it down.

She did the mazes a few different ways. She used several different counters – and thought the googly eyes were really fun.

Super cute, free letter h maze printable!

But her favorite way of doing the mazes was the dot marker, hands down. She just couldn’t get enough of it, and I had to print out more mazes several times. I now wonder if they make dry-erase dot markers 😉

Super cute, free letter h maze printable!

E even engaged in some imaginary play with this simple printable! She wondered how the horse could enter the barn – after all, the doors were closed! She finally decided that she needed to open the doors for the horse, and then switched to being the horse, going “upstairs” and eating the hay 🙂

Super cute, free letter h maze printable!

These letter h mazes were such a huge success! I obviously thought she’d like it but it surprised me just how much E loved them! She’s already asked me to make a doggie one next 🙂

Do you have a child who’s learning letters? Do you think he or she might like to help the horse get back to the barn?

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