Interactive Easter Word Search

Looking for a fun and interactive Easter activity? Try out this interactive Easter word search!

No need to print anything, just mark the words right here on this page in your web browser.

Not only is it a great way to review Easter vocabulary for kindergarteners and elementary students, but it’s also a fun interactive challenge for elementary grades, older children, and even adults.

Pinnable image for Interactive Easter Word Search on Simple Fun for Kids. At the top, it says word search and Easter words. Below is a picture of the interactive word search displayed on a computer monitor with clip art of kids holding magnifying glasses and Easter chicks superimposed on it. At the bottom, there's a lavender banner with "Interactive" in white letters as well as a Simple Fun for Kids watermark.

To make this online game even more interesting, keep track of how long it takes you to find the words at the bottom of the grid.

Click the Retry button at any time for a fresh word search grid. Can you beat your previous time? There’s only one way to find out!

Instructions for how to use the interactive Easter word search

  1. Read one of the Easter words in the word bank in the right-hand column (at the bottom on mobile).
  2. Find the hidden word in the search grid.
  3. Mark the word by clicking on either the first or last letter and dragging across the rest of the letters.
  4. Continue with the rest of the hidden words.
  5. The words in the word list turn green as you mark them in the grid.
  6. When done with all 10 words, your score will show up automatically.
  7. If you have trouble finding all the words, you can see the solution with the Check button.
  8. Click retry if you want to do the word search again. You get a fresh grid every time.

Picture of the interactive Easter word search displayed on a monitor in front of a light green background.

Clipart credit: Kid detectives by Whimsy Clips, monitor mockup by Kyla’s Kraft.

Play the interactive Easter word search game now!

On mobile, please use this version.

What’s next? Try some other resources for more Easter fun!

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