Differentiated Letter Find Printables for Learning the Alphabet

N has started recognizing letters recently and demands daily practice, so I’ve started expanding our collection of Differentiated Letter Find Printables for learning the alphabet. If you’re interested in these simple, no prep printables (not to mention they’re cute!), scroll down to see what I have so far and bookmark or pin this post to come back to when I add new letters.

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Differentiated Letter Find Printables for Learning the Alphabet - simple, no prep, and cute, perfect literacy activity for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners!

Which one is your favorite? P is for Pumpkin has had the most pageviews but my house is divided on this issue: N’s favorite (of course 😉 ) features his favorite letter: N is for Night. E prefers R is for Reindeer. And I like T is for Turkey because it’s so. cute <3


A is for Apple Letter Find

N is for Night Letter Find

T is for Turkey Letter Find

P is for Pumpkin Letter Find

R is for Reindeer Letter Find

G is for Gingerbread Letter Find


Are your kids working on learning the alphabet?

These Letter A-Z mini folding books are very simple to make and great fun to look at and read over and over again! Includes a black and white version for coloring and saving on ink.

Here by popular demand: All of the Letter A-Z Mini Folding Books in one file! Learn the alphabet with these simple, colorful books for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners. Also includes a black and white version for coloring or simply to save on ink.


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