Summer Donuts Number Maze

Summer learning is so important to avoid the big slide. I have lots of fun resources to make it easier and more fun. Summer-themed activities are usually the most meaningful but I’ve got lots of other fun themes, too.

Today, I have a Summer Donuts Number Maze for you. I’ve never seen a maze like this anywhere but N absolutely loved it and recommends it to anyone 🙂

Pinnable image for Summer Donuts Number Maze; at the top, there's an orange banner that says number maze in black capital letters and summer donuts underneath. At the bottom, there's a Simple Fun for Kids watermark above an orange banner saying PDF. The main picture is of the number maze on top of a wooden table with 2 pencils on top of the printable.

(N was 3 years and 1 month old.)

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Image of summer donuts number maze on a clipboard on top of a wooden desk. Next to the printable, there are two pencils. Also shown is a kindergarteners hand holding an orange pencil and following the path of the maze.

Materials for Summer Donuts Number Maze

  • Free PDF file (see below).
  • Printer.
  • 1 sheet of paper.
  • Pencil, pen, crayon, dry-erase marker, or similar.

Summer Number Recognition Maze printed out on a piece of paper with two pencils on top of it. There's a composition book to the left. Everything is on top of a wooden desk. At bottom right is a Simple Fun for Kids watermark.

What’s in the printable PDF file?

The free pdf file includes 2 pages:

  1. One page with a simple maze with numbers from 1 through 10 scattered in it. The instructions on the page first ask students to help Danny the donut visit his friend Dara at the beach.
    Once the path through the maze is complete, the second part of the instructions comes into play: To write down the numbers that are on the path between the two donut friends.
Summer Donuts Number Maze printable on top of a wooden desktop with two pencils. At bottom right, there's a Simple Fun for Kids watermark.
  1. The second page is an answer key that shows the path through the maze as well as the numbers that are on the path.

This is a fun and simple, no-prep printable to practice fine motor skills, visual tracking, hand-eye coordination, problem-solving, number recognition, handwriting numbers, and more in the classroom, after school, at home, or anywhere else.

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