Sensory Shaving Cream Fall Art

We had a bit of a dry spell with shaving cream activities for reasons I don’t fully understand, but we’re back with a vengeance! This Sensory Fall Process Art activity 5-year-old E did the other day was really fun – and she used the materials in completely different ways than I’d expected. I LOVED it 🙂


Shaving cream activities are always so much fun! This Sensory Shaving Cream Fall Art activity was an invitation to play and create, and my kindergartener did it completely differently from how I imagined it - and I loved that :)

(E was 5 years and 11 months old.)

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As always, things got a little messy with the shaving cream, but this type of activity is always SO easy to clean up because you’re basically playing with soap in a very interesting state of matter. Get the details of how it went and my general views on shaving cream activities in the full post on Living Life and Learning!


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