Quick Toddler Activity: Water Gun Car Wash

Recently having completed part 1 of The Big Move {Germany to Texas; our furniture is still on a ship until the end of the month}, we’re just getting back into the swing of things and some semblance of a daily routine.

It wasn’t always easy or even possible to do our usual activities but E came up with some ideas of her own, like this Water Gun Car Wash.

I was going to buy her a water gun and ended up buying five because, well, it seems hard to just buy one small water gun.

I filled the water guns with water and set them out on the porch, and after some random spraying, E decided that her fleet of vehicles needed to be cleaned.

Surprising herself with the idea:

Having the Water Gun Car Wash idea. 

 Getting to work on her Bobby Car:

Spraying her Bobby Car. 
The pedals needed cleaning, too!

Cleaning the pedals. 
Taking a closer look at where she’d missed a spot:

Taking a closer look at the Bobby Car.

 The next day, she found out that the BIG water gun works, too 😉

The big water gun works, too! 
This was such a simple little idea E had, and it kept her entertained for quite a while.
Do your kids like to wash their cars? What ideas have you come up with, what’s your kids’ spin on it?

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