Popcorn Directed Drawing Worksheets

Learn how to draw popcorn with kids or other beginners with this no-prep directed-drawing tutorial in five simple steps and with some simple art supplies!

You can stick to just the directed-drawing lesson or make it even more educational with writing prompts for different skill levels from kindergarten to first or second grade.

Pinnable image for popcorn directed drawing worksheets. It shows three of the four versions of the printable with crayons in yellow, red, blue, and orange on top of a brown desk.

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Materials for Popcorn Directed Drawing Worksheets

Picture of one of the four different versions of the popcorn directed drawing worksheets. The popcorn box is colored in with red and yellow crayons that lay on top of the paper. The paper and crayons are on top of a dark brown wooden tabletop.

What’s in the PDF Printable File?

From the first lines of the popcorn bag to the popcorn kernels, all it takes are a few steps in the right order.

The step-by-step guides come in four versions

  • drawing only,
  • drawing and writing with a given word bank,
  • drawing and writing with an editable word bank,
  • and drawing and writing with no word bank.

They all have the five reference images at the top with a blank area for following the steps underneath.

The versions with writing prompts have that section at the bottom of the page.

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Picture of two pages from the How to Draw Popcorn Directed Drawing Worksheets. On top of the pages are two Simple Fun for Kids-branded pencils. Everything is on top of a brown wooden desktop.

You can use three of the versions straight out of the box or take a few minutes to edit the word bank on the fourth version right in your PDF reader.

This activity is great for homework, early finishers, morning work, etc. any time and works perfectly when you’re working with a snack or movie theme or even preparing for watching a movie in the classroom.

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My Fall Directed Drawings: Differentiated Draw and Write Worksheets include 10 different fall-themed images you can learn or teach how to draw with writing prompts at different levels and one version with no writing prompt. {Remember, VIP members get 50% off!}

Square title image for Fall Directed Drawing Worksheets. At the top, it says directed drawings on top of an orange banner in black. Below the banner, it says FALL in shades of orange, red, and yellow. At the bottom, it says draw and write in orange above an orange banner with PDF on it in white. The main image shows the scarecrow and pumpkin directed drawing worksheets with orange, green, and yellow crayons on top of the paper. Everything is on top of a brown wooden desktop.

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Picture of three versions of popcorn directed drawings differentiated draw and write worksheets: Drawing only, drawing and writing with a wordbank, and drawing and writing with no wordbank.

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