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Both of my kids love board games. Sometimes, I’m impressed how 4-year-old N (even when he was still 3) can play some games that seem ahead of his age while on others, he’s happy to play in his own little way that has nothing to do with the rules and never allows him to win 😉 Having said that, we still have a LOT of work to do on the whole not being a sore loser or even an obnoxious winner thing – interestingly even more so with 7-year-old E than N.

Today’s game provided a little bit of a break from winning or losing with a cooperative objective: Meet Your Friend Board Game!

A fun little printable two-person cooperative board game with a little more complicated rules perfect for elementary students: Meet Your Friend Board Game!

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Materials for Meet Your Friend Board Game


What’s in the printable PDF file?

The file includes one page to print: the game board.

It features two numbered spots for the two game pieces to start on (numbers 1 and 2; arrows point to both spots to make it clear where the game pieces go) and a path of colorful circles between them.

Both players start at opposite ends of the game board and have the objective to work together to meet up in the same spot. I’ve designated 5 meeting spots and marked them with the letters A through E.

For each roll, players can decide whether to move forward or backward on the path. Some of the regular spaces have a number with either a plus or a minus sign on them. When a player reaches one of these numbers moves that number of spaces, either in the same direction as his or her previous movement (plus sign) or in the opposite direction (minus sign)

A fun little printable two-person cooperative board game with a little more complicated rules perfect for elementary students: Meet Your Friend Board Game!

You can play this game within minutes – just print and play!

Note that you can easily adjust the rules according to your players’ needs. It can sometimes take a while to actually meet up on a lettered spot, so you can waive that rule if you want to.

Dice other than 6-sided ones are possible as well but each die choice has advantages and disadvantages. Dice with more sides will make it faster to move across the game board but less likely to roll the number you need to meet your friend.


Download your Meet Your Friend Board Game!

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