Letter N Maze


Another week, another letter maze printable! We’re up to the letter N maze – and N is for notebook, just in time for back to school!


Printables for Kids: Learning Letters with Letter N Mazes!

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Follow the maze of “N”s and/or “n”s to put the notebook into the backpack!

Kids can use stickers, markers or whatever manipulatives you have on hand to solve the maze. I like to place the printable and other supplies on a cookie sheet to keep everything contained. If using markers or stickers, you could simply hold the paper in place with a clipboard.

If you want to be able to reuse this printable, you can either laminate it or place it into a sheet protector. Dry erase markers or crayons work great that way!


Printables for Kids: Learning Letters with Letter N Mazes!


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