How to Use Google Slides and Google Classroom for Teaching


Find out how to use Google Slides and Google Classroom for teaching, including must-have add-ons and other ideas for distance learning.



How to Get Started with Google Classroom



How to Assign Work in Google Classroom


How to Get More Value Out of Google Classroom



Best Free Google Slides Add-Ons for Teachers



How to Make Worksheets and Other PDFs Fillable in Google Slides

Would you rather use your pdfs even during distance learning? No problem! Here’s how to make worksheets and other appropriate pdfs work for your students online.

Important note: Please make sure to follow the pdf author’s terms of use! I give you permission to do this with my resources provided your Google Slides are ONLY available to your students and families, NOT the public. The restriction of personal and classroom use only that’s included in my terms of use for all materials remains.



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