Emergency Toddler Entertainment

Emergency Toddler Entertainment
(E was 31 months old.)
The other day, we had to wait for a ridiculously long time at the car dealership while people were trying to figure out what to do with the used car we’d bought three weeks before that was malfunctioning.
So of course I was prepared to keep E busy no matter how long it took, right? Uhm, yeah, that’s what I thought but we’d gone on short notice, and somehow, I didn’t even have a simple pen on me {after buying 20 just a few days earlier}
Thankfully, she kept herself busy looking around for quite a while. 
And when she did get bored, I managed to find a notepad and … a chapstick. I didn’t really believe she’d do anything with it – but it actually kept her from bouncing off the walls for those crucial minutes until we were finally able to leave.
When we left, there was a lot of chapstick both on her face and on the paper, and nothing left in the container – but it was definitely worth it 😉
What have you done to keep your toddler entertained in a pinch? Leave me a comment!
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